Friday, June 8, 2007

Bougainvillea tree

The world's only "true" totally thorn less and fragrant Bougainvillea. This variety is deep green, with elongated leaves and bright lavender bracts. Since it is the only totally thorn less Bougainvillea, Arborea can be used in places where the thorns on other Bougainvillea may be a problem. This is a hardy, fast growing variety, yet it branches freely. So, you don't get the leggy look common to some fast growing varieties. Arborea is unique in another way it's a fragrant Bougainvillea. Lean closely and enjoy the Honeysuckle-like scent of Arborea. The only problem is that it doesn't shed it's bracts until they are brown. David Fairchild brought this tree to the USA planting it in the Kampong (his home in Coconut Grove) and then in Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden (in Coral Gables). Check out this relatively new color form of the regular Bougainvillea.