Saturday, March 15, 2008

La Granada

This is the note that the city sent out to the residents.
Granada Is A Gift From Spain
>>> If you're driving by 5151 Granada Boulevard near Doctor's Hospital, you're probably wondering what is that monument in the middle of Granada Park. You're looking at la granada or pomegranate, a sculpture by artist Miguel Ruiz-Jimenez of a locally abundant fruit known for its mythical and metaphorical symbol that appears on the City of Granada coat of arms. The figure is a gift from the people of Granada, Spain to Sister City Coral Gables. It is modeled after a similar piece which appears in a public square near Granada's City Hall. Two years ago, the Mayor of Granada along with a Spanish delegation visited Coral Gables looking to strengthening the ties between the two cities. After the visit, Granada created and shipped at their expense this pomegranate which is now erected on a base at Granada Park built by City employees. Coral Gables and Granada, two cities rich in history and urban beauty, have been Sister Cities since 1992.'

I guess that in time I will learn to like it. My problem is that I know what a pomegranate looks like.