Sunday, October 21, 2007

Chorisia Speciosa, Silk Floss Tree, Once More

I know that I should have only one picture. Normally I would link two of the pictures and hope that people click the link. And linked pictures would not have their written material.
This tree is now in full bloom. You can find them all over Miami, Pinecrest and Coral Gables. The tree seems to walk to different drummers. Some bloom after all of their leaves are gone, some bloom with all leaves. And some like this tree are in the middle. A few will have few or no flowers for the season. They are not constant.
If you scroll back to September 6, 2007 you can see one that I posted last month. It is a little bit darker and it has undulating petals.
This fountain is in the North Ponce De Leon Park. About 25 years ago I was active in the North Ponce De Leon Association and raised money to place the fountain into a nondescript triangle of grass. The city then landscaped the rest of the park. The Association was active in improving this once premiere street.