Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Flower From Paradise

On July 17th Isabella posted a white Bird of Paradise. Today I am posting a white waterlily from Paradise. Paradise you say? Yep! I went to Paradise yesterday. Friends of mine call there house Paradise and the name seems reasonable when you are their. It's only a five hour drive to get there - and you thought it was a life long time being good that got you their. The couple live in Cape Canaveral on the beach. They are one of the premiere waterlily growers of the world. They have a site that will answer all of your water plant questions. If you like plants you must check out: I would advise any gardener to join the group, it's free. The knowledge that Ben and Kit have shared with the growers is fantastic. In a few weeks I will post an album on my site that will show the viewer paradise.