Monday, April 16, 2007

The Old Biltmore Country Club

The original Biltmore had a full fledged country club. This gave the local people a chance to enjoy the good life. The golf course had 36 holes. This set up did not make a profit. Half of the golf course was sold off and the country club was closed. In the early 40's the government took over the remaining property. It was turned into a military hospital, then the University of Miami started the medical school along with the V.A. hospital. When the university and the V.A. vacated the Federal government gave it to our city for one dollar. This gift cost Coral Gables $500,000 yearly just to keep it closed. It was almost demolished. But now it is back to the original glory. In the middle of the courtyard above there was a large rubber tree, tomorrow I will show you what happened to that tree.